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New EP coming soon,

"Living in the 2020's".

Includes live performances, alternate mixes  "Get out Party Today",

plus new tunes. 

Listen to

"Rock you through the Night"  live

and on AVA Live Radio Music 


Live Vinyl is a Rock, Pop, Live Dance band from New York. Started in 2017 by Peter Mormoris who went out to create a high energy band that is catchy and memorable. Live Vinyl has performed live for three years in NYC and Long Island music circuit.

The band found it's own identity now finishing our first EP

"Living in The 2020's".

Live Vinyl features the amazing lead voice of Grace Nazario. "Get Out Party Today", and "Rock you through the Night" are now available through all media outlets.

"I'd be talking with my girlfriend not thinking much about the music, the band started playing, everyone stopped hear her sing."

Band members are: Grace Nazario Vocal, Peter Mormoris Guitar Production, David Karp Vocal Harp, Ronnie Di Russo Vocal Keys, Joe D'Agostino Bass, Michael Felice Drums, Jon Paul Montavlo Percussion.


Tells the story of life after COVID-19.

The world living with a renewed spirit energy and love.


Current Releases

"Get Out Party Today"

"Rock you through the Night"

Live Vinyl in progress with new EP

"Living in the 2020's"

   "Get Out Party Today"

Released July 5th 2020.

Tells the story of being in lockdown from COVID-19, and eventually going out to enjoy life with a renewed spirit of energy love and a new beginning. 

Live on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more. Check it here.…

  "Rock you through the Night"

Released October 31st 2020

Hard pop rock dance song, live concert opener, getting the crowd ready to rock the night. 

Live on Spotify,

Live Apple Music,

Both songs available on all major media outlets.

Full EP coming soon..

Original and Cover music composition, live performance.


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